Ohana Environmental Consultants is a progressive environmental consultancy, guiding development proposals from inception to ensure its social, economic and environmental viability.


The Franklin Ohana Sustainability Garden is the pilot social impact project of Ohana Environmental Consultants and Projects.


I, Melun Jeptha, am a pro-active member of the St. Andrews church and my immediate goal is to use the environment as a platform to raise awareness about the value of working together to maintain a clean environment and to create positive change in our community.


One purpose driven day, while exploring the landscape around the St. Andrews church, I noticed the illegal dumping that was taking place. The illegal dumping has in turn led to the degradation of the charming surroundings.

 I then came up with a few ideas and looked at the most productive use for the promising piece of land.


The vision was then born to create a sustainable community vegetable garden.


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